Insertion of Rule 26 C-Furnishing of evidence of claim by employee for deduction of tax under section 192

As per Income tax rules 1962, after the rule 26B which talks about Statement of particulars of income under the head “income other than salaries”, for deduction of tax at source, a new rule 26 C will be inserted. In Rule 26 C, the assessee shall furnish to the person responsible for making payments(under section 192-Tax on salary), the evidence or the particulars of the claim in Form 12BB for the purpose of estimating his total income or computing tax deduction at source. For example-Name, address and PAN of landlord for House Rent Allowance, Evidence of expenditure for leave travel concession etc. In addition to this, in rule 31(A)[Statement of deduction of tax] for sub –rule (2), a new sub-rule (2) has been substituted as follows-
Date of Ending of Financial Year:
 30th June; Due date : 31st July
 30th September; Due date : 31st October
 31st December; Due date : 31st January
 31st March; Due date : 31st May

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