Documents for Filing Your Income Tax Return – A Quick List

Gone are the days when the idea of filing your tax return used to bring up the images of long queues and lengthy forms. With the advent of online filing, a return is no more a matter of haste or hassle. And if you have all your relevant documents ready, it makes the whole affair simpler and smoother.

To file a return, first of all, you need to know which ITR form is applicable in your case. It is based on your income source. IT department has prescribed ITR-1 and ITR-2 for salaried individuals, ITR-3 for partners in a partnership firm, ITR-4 for businessmen and self-employed professionals. If you are not clear which one’s for you, it’s probably best to consult your chartered accountant or financial advisor. Once you know the relevant income tax return (ITR), you can fill it online or offline.

Here’s a quick list of documents you need for filing tax return. Kindly note that the documents may vary for tax payers depending on, what their income source is.

1.      Permanent Account Number – PAN is a document, you have-to-have for filing your return. Before filing, you need to verify your PAN number online with Income Tax Department. Further, you have to ensure to quote your name and PAN number correctly in the form.

2.      Form 16 & Form 12 BA – Form 16 is a salary certificate issued by your employer. It contains the details of your salary, TDS for each month, deductions you claimed and your payable net tax. Form 12 BA is a document proof issued by your employer. It contains the details of fringe benefits/amenities you get in lieu of salary. For self-employed, final balance sheet and profit & loss account replace Form 16.

3.      Form 26AS – Also known as Tax Credit Statement, Form 26AS contains details of your income tax payments in addition to TCS and TDS. Form 26AS is a key document for filing your return.

4.      Bank Account – You need to give the details of your bank account to IT department. It will help the IT department to credit the refund amount, if any, in your account.

5.      Proof of Investments (Under Section 80C, 80CCF, 80D, 80E, 80G) There are specific sections under Income Tax act that allow for deduction of tax on certain investments. For example, investments made in LIC, PPF and NSC are tax deductible (upto Rs 1 lakh) under Section 80C. Other common deductions fall under section 80CCF (investments in infrastructure bonds), 80D (medical insurance premium), 80E (interest paid on education loan) and 80G (certified charitable donations).

6.      Declaration of Capital Gain on Shares/Property Sale

7.      Challan Identification Number (CIN) – CIN is mentioned in your Challan. You also need to attach a copy of the acknowledgment of Challan.

8.      Bank Statements showing Interest Gained on Deposits – You are supposed to declare the income generated from the interests on bank savings deposits, fixed deposits and debentures.

9.   ITR Acknowledgment Slip – Once you file the return, you should collect the acknowledgement slip. Submit one copy with the return and retain the other copy for future.

Whether you are a first timer at filing returns or a regular tax payer trying to catch up on the new guidelines issued by the IT department, having the above documents ready will help you file your return, faster and easier.


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