ITAT’s note on department’s general grievances in the matter of representation and adjudication of cases fixed before each bench of itat delhi

It is noticed that we have been running a general crisis in the deployment of man power. Therefore, cases are assigned to DRs depending on the availability of man power, which often is disproportionate to the number that can be handled by them.

The following directions are issued:-

(i) The new appeals should not be fixed on the 60th day of filing of appeal but should be kept pending and be fixed in due course.

(ii) It is to be ensured that the cases fixed before each Bench every day should not exceed 20 except covered or group matters. If on any day the regular cases fixed are much more than 20, then, after taking the order from the Vice President, the excess cases should be adjourned to the next available date.

To view the full notification, please follow the link

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