Bank finance for purchase of gold

No advances should be granted by banks against gold bullion to dealers/traders in gold if, in their assessment, such advances are likely to be utilised for purposes of financing gold purchase at auctions and/or speculative holding of stocks and bullion. In this context, the significant rise in imports of gold in recent years is a cause for concern as direct bank financing for purchase of gold in any form viz.,bullion/primary gold/jewellery/gold coin could lead to fuelling of demand for gold for speculative purposes. The Monetary Policy Statement of April 2012 announced the constitution of a Working Group (Convenor: Shri K.U.B. Rao) to study issues relating to gold imports and gold loans by Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) in India. The Working Group submitted its draft report in August 2012.

Pending a decision on its recommendations, it is proposed to advise banks that:
• other than working capital finance,banks are not permitted to finance purchase of gold in any form.

To view the full text of the circular, please follow the link


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